Annual Meeting

Please join us for our Annual Meeting

When: Thursday, June 23rd 8:00 am to 9:30 am (Breakfast included)

Where: Verona Lion’s Hall, 4504 Sand Road, Verona, ON

Guest speakers:

Roland Jensch, Grains and Goods Bakery

Chris Stoness, Atlas K9

Please RSVP by June 20, 2022 by registering at

Business Resiliency Loan

In response to the damage caused by the storm , Frontenac Business Services is introducing a new loan product.

o Up to $25,000 at Prime (3.20%)
o Quick turnaround time
o No fees
o Easy to apply for

Use of funds includes
o Waiting for insurance claim to be processed
o Insurance shortfalls
o Investing in longer term resiliency including generators, surge protectors, data backup solutions, contingency planning, etc.

For more information, email Anne at or call Lauren at 613-372-1414 Ext 206

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program Open Now

“Grow Your Business Online” provides grants for $2,400 to help small businesses adopt e-commerce technologies, including costs for website development, search engine optimization, subscription fees for e-commerce platforms and social media advertising. A network of service providers has been established to help businesses grow their online presence.

“Boost Your Business Technology” program is geared to businesses with revenues of $500,000 + looking to adopt new customer relationship software, digital inventory management systems, network security software, AI, machine learning and robotics, etc.

For information on both programs visit–the-canada-digital-adoption-program.html and the grow your business online program visit

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