Gossage Excavating

Gossage Excavating

Digging Deep

Gossage Excavating quickly became a prosperous construction and excavation business in Frontenac County following the sale of Mike’s previous landscaping business. 

Located in the heart of South Frontenac, this father and son team of Mike and Ben Gossage reflects local entrepreneurship and community growth.

The company has been providing services such as septic excavation, building demolition, foundations, and land clearing for residential homes since they started. In 2016, with a clear vision for future operations, Mike Gossage worked with Frontenac Business Services to finance the start-up funds that would help him evolve from landscaping to large excavation. The financial assistance from Frontenac Business Services made it possible for Gossage Excavating to purchase equipment allowing them to take on projects and expand service delivery. 

Today, Gossage Excavating has made recent investments in new dump trucks and additional equipment, which has permitted expanded business opportunities. The company is booking projects well into next year, reinforcing the development and growth happening in Frontenac County.

Three pieces of advice that Mike Gossage would share with budding entrepreneurs: do your homework on markets, understand and be in contact with the right people, and manage your finances cautiously to avoid overextension. “Put your head down, work hard and learn from every mistake,” Mike advises. His hard work, dedication, and planning created a culture of commitment and quality recognized in the industry.

Limestone Organic Creamery

Limestone Organic Creamery

From Pasture to Porch

Limestone Organic Creamery specializes in producing and delivering organic dairy products direct to consumers.

This family-run business prides itself on offering fresh, high-quality dairy products, while they have also adopted environmentally friendly practices, including use of returnable glass bottles and an efficient delivery system to reduce the environmental impact. The milk, cream, butter, and other locally sourced items they offer emphasize the importance of sustainability.

Through collaboration with Frontenac Business Services the creamery was able to expand their reach and enhance their commitment to existing organic practices. Through the financial and strategic support, Limestone Organic Creamery upgraded the production facilities and expanded the distribution network, emerging as a prominent organic dairy provider in the region.

The creamery is flourishing, with dedicated support across Frontenac County and Kingston, managing seven hundred weekly home deliveries and partnering with local stores to distribute products. With plans to expand the ice cream line and recently diversifying the shop’s offerings to include organic espresso drinks and sandwiches, Limestone Organic Creamery is on a trajectory of steady growth. The shop celebrates local craftsmanship by featuring products sourced from over forty local farmers and artisans.

Limestone Organic Creamery’s success can be attributed to financial planning combined with community integration. Frontenac Business Services played a significant role in providing necessary resources and networking opportunities. The creamery’s journey with Frontenac Business Services highlights the effectiveness of combining partnerships, community connections and backing to achieve business sustainability and growth.

Maple Country Home & Farm

Maple Country Home & Farm

Retail Excellence and Innovation

Maple Country Home & Farm was established in Inverary, in November 2016 by Kevin and Suzanne Bovey. 

Since opening their doors, they have evolved from a modest business into a 5,600 square foot retail leader in the agricultural and building supply sector. The business is well-known for its extensive range of high-quality farm supplies, building materials and hardware, and caters to assorted needs with products like bale wrap, tractor parts, feeders, fencing, and an extensive line of feed, seed, and fertilizer.

Since 2017, they have worked with Frontenac Business Services, which has provided financial and business development support to build the new retail space for
their expansion. This collaboration enabled the Bovey’s to lay a solid foundation for
future business.

Today, Maple Country Home & Farm is an essential supplier in the region, recognized for delivering quality, and practical solutions for agricultural, commercial, and industrial projects. The Bovey’s have a strong commitment to customer service and retail excellence with plans for expanded offerings in the future.

Their business journey was reinforced through their strategic planning, market analysis, and the support they received from Frontenac Business Services. The Bovey’s demonstrate the power of a strong vision combined with practical business strategies. Maple Country Home & Farm’s success is well-defined when you parallel their initial start, to where they are today as a key player in the agricultural retail market, clearly illustrating the impact of support and innovation.

Myers Cave Resort

Myers Cave Resort

Growth and Community

Myers Cave Resort is located in Cloyne on Marble Lake which offers stunning lakefront and waterfall views.

The resort has flourished under Mike Hage and Nawar El-Khouri’s ownership, evolving the resort into a sanctuary of relaxation and adventure. The resort offers a 7 bedroom lodge, a suite, and five cottages, with many amenities including a swimming pool, hot tub, beach, children’s area and unique experiences year-round. The resort is further enhanced by the Red Barn Zone Food Truck, which was added by the owners and fills a distinct culinary niche with an evolving menu, including breakfast bagels, cappuccino, pizza, and the signature vegetarian samosas.

Frontenac Business Services has been influential in the resort’s growth, particularly in the most recent project of converting an existing barn into additional lodging, with financial support made possible through Frontenac Business Services and Business Development Corporation. This expansion emphasizes Myers Cave Resort’s commitment to enhancing guest experiences and accommodation options
in Frontenac County.

Myers Cave is focused on the barn transformation, with plans to fuse modern comforts with the rustic charm of cottage life, boosting its status as a destination for luxury and nature enthusiasts. The owner’s advocate for taking risks, but understand the importance of a robust business plan, and leveraging community support, all three of which are principles that have contributed to their success. 

Myers Cave Resort clearly displays the impact of strategy, support, and community involvement as it impacts business landscape, offering a narrative of growth, modernization, and the value of establishing strong connections.

Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence

Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence

Offering Compassionate Care

Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence, was established by Andrew Kovacs in 2014 with the doors opening to residents in 2017, following extensive facility renovations.

It is now known as a premier retirement facility designed to be home to 20-23 residents and well-appointed on a picturesque lakefront property in the heart of the village. Sharbot Lake Retirement has created a family-like atmosphere, distinguishing itself from larger institutions by offering personalized housing options for independent and semi-independent retirement living. The facility offers a variety of living spaces, from standard rooms to full suites, with all costs associated being combined into an all-inclusive price.

During the renovations, Frontenac Business Services provided grants for upgrades which included an elevator and automatic doors. These renovations were necessary to support the safety and accessibility for residents and staff in the home.

Operating at full capacity, Sharbot Lake Retirement has become a trusted name in retirement living and senior care. They consistently demonstrate their commitment to quality and have earned the trust of the community.

Andrew Kovacs suggests new business owners conduct thorough research, create connections and a strong network for support and always align the business with the needs of the community. These guiding principles have sustained the success and ongoing evolution of Sharbot Lake Retirement. Sharbot Lake Retirement continues to cultivate a model of excellence in the retirement care sector and is a true testament to the amazing outcomes when community care meets professional service efficiency. 

Local Family Farms

Local Family Farms-Food Less Travelled

Local Agriculture and Community

Local Family Farms-Food Less Travelled, is a family owned and operated retail business that was established in 2007 in Verona. 

Originating on Kim and Dave Perry’s farm in Harrowsmith, Local Family Farms has been built around small-scale agriculture and community. They specialize in a variety of meats and homemade products including pies, fresh and frozen meals, as well as baked goods made in their on-site kitchen. The store is a short distance from the K&P Trail with a café for trail users which offers snacks, Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, cold drinks, specialty coffees and sandwiches.

The growth of Local Family Farms was supported by Frontenac Business Services which provided loans and support in the store’s formative years. This aid was essential in expanding the inventory and the refrigeration system, to advance the stores presence. Through continued business advice, networking, and educational resources from Frontenac Business Services, Local Family Farms – Food Less Travelled navigated the market and operational complexities to
situate them where they are today.

Local Family Farms draws customers from larger centres, reinforcing a strong demand for quality, locally sourced products, and friendly service. They recently expanded their morning hours and added new offerings of specialty coffees and breakfast to go to appeal to a potential new clientele.

The journey of Local Family Farms offers insights for business owners: value expert advice, uphold confidence and fairness, and invest with foresight. The continued evolution demonstrates the importance of adaptability, passion, and purpose in the local agricultural sector.

Wolfe Island Pub and Pizzeria

Wolfe Island Pub and Pizzeria

Savouring Success

Wolfe Island Pub and Pizzeria, also commonly known as the WIPP, opened their doors in 2010 as James Kirkham identified a unique opportunity to become part of the Wolfe Island dining scene.

The WIPP evolved from a daytime café into an evening spot, known for its atmosphere with live music and karaoke creating an entertainment space in the community. 

The partnership with Frontenac Business Services was a turning point for the WIPP, supporting the transition from leasing to ownership of their location. With Frontenac Business Services support, the WIPP went through significant renovations, including modernizing the kitchen and enhancing the outdoor patio area, both improvements strengthened the growth of the business.

Today, the WIPP is more than a restaurant; it’s a community landmark and a place for residents and visitors to spend time. There are plans for a restaurant expansion and
updates to allow them to increase their offerings, catering and adding events. James’ experience underscores the importance of minimal initial debt, balanced by dedication required for business success, and the value of understanding the daily demands of being a business owner. 

Reflecting on his journey, James credits the strategic support from Frontenac Business Services as essential in navigating the business landscape and steering the WIPP on their trajectory for success. The collaboration exemplifies how targeted assistance can transform a simple idea into a thriving business, making the Wolfe Island Pub and Pizzeria a model of entrepreneurial success.

Frontenac Shores

Frontenac Shores

Transforming Dreams into Reality

Frontenac Shores located in Cloyne was converted from a seasonal location in 1996 to a flourishing year-round fractional ownership resort owned and operated by Pat and Dave Storms. 

The resort provides consumers options for cottage ownership providing year-round enjoyment with distinct types of accommodations. Situated on the shores of Mississagagon Lake in North Frontenac, the site has seen significant redevelopment since 2004, including the integration of advanced septic and water systems, which benefited the environment and the local economy.

With eight cottages and an occupancy rate of over 80% annually, Frontenac Shores demonstrates sustainable development and economic progress. Fractional ownership removes the three main barriers to buying a traditional lakefront vacation home: cost, maintenance, and time. The resort continues to evolve under the Storms’ stewardship and continues to take pride in their environmental and economic growth. 

A pivotal moment for Frontenac Shores’ came through the support of Frontenac Business Services, which provided essential seed funding for preliminary studies and legal fees which assisted in the resort’s expansion. This financial boost helped overcome early redevelopment financial challenges and securing approvals for construction.

The Storms’ experience underlines the complexities of rural development in Ontario, highlighting the need for planning, legal budgeting, and understanding local growth trends. Their journey with Frontenac Shores, marked by both achievements and challenges, highlights the critical role of support services like Frontenac Business Services in realizing long-term sustainable business ventures in the hospitality sector.



Rich with Stories and Character

Mariclaro was established by Sven Schlegel in 2008, designing and creating high-quality products that tell a story.

The relocation of Mariclaro to Frontenac County in 2013, marked a turning point
with a more sustainable business environment. This change allowed Sven to transform his innovative designs of unique sustainable bags and accessories created from recycled materials to become a standout Canadian business.

Frontenac Business Services provided financial support and business advice, which facilitated Mariclaro’s transition to a direct sales model. The support from Frontenac Business Services significantly impacted the growth and market presence. Today, Mariclaro manages production and sales in house, which are focused on enhancing the story that each product tells with their direct-to-consumer approach. The company’s commitment to the use of recycled materials not only defines their product line as they believe repurposed materials are rich with stories and character, but also supports their environmental responsibility.

Sven’s life skills acquired while pursuing his PhD in Mexico, highlighted the importance of realities, embracing technology, and simplifying operations. All the items are handmade in Canada, in a studio located in North Frontenac. He highlights the importance of quality products, being able to navigate changes, and having access to capital to support success. Mariclaro’s journey demonstrates ways the financial and advisory support from Frontenac Business Services is beneficial for businesses.

Mariclaro demonstrates the authentic power of combining sustainability, a strong business sense, with the support to foster growth from Frontenac Business Services. This allowed Mariclaro to establish their mark in the sustainable fashion industry.

The Blue Moose Bed & Breakfast

The Blue Moose Bed & Breakfast

Revitalizing Hospitality on Wolfe Island

The Blue Moose Bed & Breakfast nestled in the heart of Marysville on Wolfe Island, has been transformed by Katherine Slagle and James Bambury into a cherished retreat since opening their doors in 2018.

The B&B provides an intimate setting for up to 17 individuals with seven unique guest rooms, allowing visitors to enjoy the island’s serenity and natural charm.

Frontenac Business Services provided essential funding for The Blue Moose, facilitating key upgrades to the infrastructure like water, septic system, and roof repairs. This support enabled the B&B to operate year-round which enhanced the appeal and availability for visitors to the island. The Blue Moose successfully navigated seasonal challenges, ensuring a steady influx of guests all-year through refined marketing strategies. 

The owners worked diligently to improve the bed and breakfast to make it more accessible for everyone visiting the island. The success of The Blue Moose was recognized with the 2023 Frontenac Access Award, from the County of Frontenac. They also receive consistent top ratings as Kingston’s premier hotel and B&B. Katherine and James are committed to exceptional hospitality, while continuing to improve the guest experience and highlighting the island’s attractions.

Their advice to new entrepreneurs highlights the importance of seizing opportunities, creating the right partnerships, while being enthusiastic about the business. The Blue Moose’s journey illustrates how strategic support and community involvement has been leveraged to achieve their success. Their story is one of transformation, integration into the community and growth, making them a sought-after destination in the region. 

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